EAC OIG Commencing Audits of $380 Million Election Security Grant Funds
Nov 08 , 2019
On Friday, Nov. 1, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released its Fiscal Year 2020 OIG Audit Work PlanDownload PDF(opens in new tab). The plan includes audits of six states’ election security grant funds, which were part of the $380 million grant funding(opens in new tab) Congress appropriated in 2018.
EAC Commissioners Praise Microsoft Support for Election Officials as 2020 Presidential Election Approaches
Sep 20 , 2019
Today, following a Microsoft announcement that the company will provide free Windows 7 support to all election officials operating certified election systems that utilize the “end of life” software, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chairwoman Christy McCormick, Vice Chair Ben Hovland, Commissioner Thomas Hicks and Commissioner Donald Palmer issued the following joint statement.
Mar 29 , 2019
Puerto Rico State Elections Commission representatives Roberto Benítez and Anibal Zambrana outline how the Elections Commission is rebuilding the island’s election systems to improve upon what was lost and the role that 2018 Help America Vote Act funds have played in the recovering and improving Puerto Rico’s election system.
Mar 29 , 2019
CEE Commissioners Norma Burgos, Julio E. Mendez Gonzalez and Claribel Lanausse Montañez talk with EAC Commissioner Thomas Hicks to tell him about the satellite offices they turned into "oases" where citizens could receive aid, contact their families and work with government agencies to receive assistance after Hurricane Maria.
Oct 16 , 2018
* Paul Lux, Supervisor of Elections, Okaloosa County, Florida * EAC Vice Chair Christy McCormick, Moderator * Sherry Poland, Director, Hamilton County, OH, Board of Elections * Secretary of State Mac Warner, West Virginia * Secretary of State Wayne
Oct 16 , 2018
* Secretary of State Jim Condos, Vermont, Opening Remarks * William Evanina, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center * Christopher Krebs, Under Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate * EAC Vice
Apr 21 , 2018
The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) hosted local election officials for a public forum on election security in Miami on April 18, 2018.
Oct 25 , 2017
Amber McReynolds Elections Director for City and County of Denver and CIO for the City and County of Denver Scott Cardenas talk prepping for Elections in Denver.
Jan 05 , 2016
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Jan 05 , 2016
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Jan 05 , 2016
BIO Luanne Cutler Washoe County Nevada
Jan 05 , 2016
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Mar 29 , 2017
The study aims to answer key questions concerning the usability and processing of the NVRA form in Asian languages by reviewing this with election officials, EAC personnel, cultural contacts, bilingual graphic designers and U.S Citizens that speak Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese or Tagalog with limited or no English proficiency. The results indicate that there are concrete issues that surround the use of the NVRA form in Asian languages both from an end-user’s perspective and from a processing point of view (i.e. the election official).
Oct 06 , 2016
Election Official Presentation 8 17 2016
Aug 26 , 2016
AddressguidanceforLEOs 20160815final August 15 2016
May 25 , 2016
BIO Doug Chapin
May 25 , 2016
BIO Poland
May 25 , 2016
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May 25 , 2016
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May 25 , 2016
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Jan 05 , 2016
EAC bio 2016 Sandy Juno
May 13 , 2010
This chapter references the standards, procedures, and actions election officials might take to protect voting systems and related facilities and equipment from natural and environmental hazards, tampering, vandalism, and theft. This chapter includes sections about conducting a security review, issues with paper ballots, personnel, voting equipment, and peripheral devices. It also highlights potential security concerns at various points during the election process.
May 13 , 2010
This chapter reviews the factors election officials might consider to enhance voting system security. The discussion includes software security related to installation, monitoring, networking, and transmitting results. It also includes a section about possible policies and procedures for promoting system security among elections office staff, vendor personnel, and the public, as well as tips on password maintenance.
May 21 , 2018
Following the release of “So far, few states have sought federal money to secure elections,” a POLITICO article published on May 17, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chairman Thomas Hicks submitted the following letter to the publication’s editors.
Jan 03 , 2018
Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission will host an all-day summit to highlight a spectrum of issues that state and local election officials will face as they work to administer secure, accessible and efficient 2018 federal elections. The event will feature keynote speakers and expert panelists who will address topics such as election security, voting accessibility, and how to use election data to improve the voter experience.
Oct 14 , 2017
Members of the Elections Government Sector Coordinating Council (GCC) adopted a charter to guide its operations moving forward. The GCC, which will inform how the Department of Homeland Security works with state and local jurisdictions to implement its designation of elections systems as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, includes all U.S. Election Assistance Commissioner (EAC) commissioners.
Sep 01 , 2017
Last week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) held meetings planned in coordination with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to further discuss and develop the Election Critical Infrastructure Subsector partnership framework. The meetings were held in conjunction with the Election Center National Conference and the National Association of State Election Directors Summer Conference in Orange County, Calif.
Mar 20 , 2017
As the House Intelligence Committee holds a hearing to examine threats posed by Russia, including potential threats to U.S. elections, Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Chair Matthew V. Masterson is assuring state and local election officials that the commission is actively working with other federal agencies to help them navigate challenges posed by those seeking to interfere with the nation’s vote.
Mar 16 , 2017
As part of its month-long focus on voter list maintenance, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) will host a streaming webinar titled "Spring Cleaning: Voter List Maintenance Best Practices, Tools and Success Stories" at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 21.The discussion, moderated by EAC Chairman Matthew V. Masterson, will feature the following speakers:
Mar 14 , 2019
The EAC has launched a “Women in Elections” campaign to coincide with Women’s History Month. During the month of March, we will interview several women at the heart of elections at the Secretary of State and county level, and within academia, and share their insight about elections on the EAC’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Follow the conversation online at #WomeninElections.
Mar 30 , 2018
The EAC is concluding our Women in Elections series with a conversation between EAC Vice Chair Christy McCormick and Connie Lawson, Indiana Secretary of State and President of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS).
Mar 22 , 2018
The EAC continues the Women in Elections series with a conversation between EAC Vice Chair Christy McCormick and Veronica Degraffenreid, Election Preparation & Support Manager for the North Carolina State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement (State Board).
Mar 19 , 2018
We are continuing our Women in Elections series with a conversation between EAC Vice Chair Christy McCormick and Monica Flores, Administrative Manager for the Los Angeles County Voting Solutions for All People initiative (VSAP).
Jan 05 , 2018
A recent House of Delegates race in Virginia played out in the national spotlight due to its razor-thin margin, the back-and-forth results between candidates Shelly Simonds and David Yancey, and the political stakes associated with the ultimate winner. No matter which candidate ultimately is declared the next delegate to represent Virginia’s 94th district, the race has offered a powerful teaching moment about American elections and the impact of every single vote.