Aug 03 , 2017

6 Tips for Conducting Election Audits U.S EAC logo

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission has collaborated with local election officials to develop a series of helpful tips for election management. This series provides tips and suggests best practices that help you to run efficient and effective elections.

Nov 09 , 2016
audit procedure manual 2014 November 9 2016
Oct 20 , 2016
Risk Limiting Audit Report Final CO October 20 2016
Oct 20 , 2016
2013 Post Election Auditing Report Final October 20 2016
Oct 20 , 2016
Oct 20 , 2016
NYS Report on Post Election Audits FINAL October 20 2016
Jan 29 , 2016
fy 2016 audit plan web
Aug 25 , 2011
Aug 25 , 2011
Nov 09 , 2010
UConn Voting Technology Research Center - October 26, 2010
Jun 08 , 2010
This report was submitted by the state of Connecticut.
May 17 , 2010
A voting system report submitted by the Connecticut Office of the Secretary of State.
May 13 , 2010
Provides information about developing a formal record or audit trail of certain election components. An audit trail is an essential tool with which administrators can accurately evaluate policies and procedures established to conduct an election. Items such as documenting voting precincts, districts, and voter registration data are the first steps to consider. Tips are provided about developing a master checklist for documentation, validating absentee and early voting paper ballots, and managing supplies, equipment, and deliveries. The guide also covers how to perform a post-election audit.
May 13 , 2010
Election officials can use documentation to prove the accuracy, validity, and integrity of an election. Formal audit trails also are an essential tool for election officials to evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of their current policies and procedures. This chapter covers the procedures for developing an audit trail, including the type of documentation necessary, and discusses audit trails for pre- and post-election activities, absentee voting, early voting, polling places, and equipment.
Sep 09 , 2005
EAC - January 27 2005