State List Maintenance Procedures

Mar 16, 2018

Last week, we highlighted Virginia’s detailed reports related to the voter list maintenance process. This week, we are sharing similar information and resources from a number of other states:

  • For the past several years, the Pennsylvania Department of State has provided a report to the Governor about the administration of voter registration in the state. This includes a summary of list maintenance activities and data.
  • The Wisconsin Elections Commission sends a report to the Governor and members of the State Senate and Assembly about its statutorily required four-year voter record maintenance process. This resource outlines the procedure the state uses to conduct this process and provides specific data on June 2016 notice of suspension postcards sent to approximately 380,000 registered voters who had not voted since the November 2012 presidential election. The postcard asked recipients if they wanted to stay active on the state’s voter list.
  • The Indiana Election Division has provided detailed information on its list maintenance process in 2016 as well as a 2018 Voter Registration Guidebook. This publication gives an overview of the entire voter registration process in the state, including a section on voter list maintenance.
  • Lastly, the California Secretary of State’s office created a manual to the National Voter Registration Act, including a chapter on list maintenance.

The information contained within these reports provides an invaluable glimpse inside different processes election officials use to maintain accurate and up-to-date voter rolls. The EAC will share more reports from organizations and state and local election offices in the coming weeks as we continue List Maintenance Month.  

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