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Note: If you wish to vote absentee and are a uniformed service member or family member or a citizen living outside the U.S., contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program to register to vote.

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Military and Overseas Voters

EAC has several projects under way to assist states in serving military and overseas citizens who register and vote absentee under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Learn more

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Quick Start Guides

PDF Document Quick Start Guide: Voting System Certification
Provides information about voting system testing and certification done by EAC. The guide lists the responsibilities at the Federal, State, and local levels for conducing acceptance testing that ensures the equipment delivered is identical to the equipment certified from all levels of government and that it meets contractual requirements of the purchase. The guide also provides steps to determine the certification status of a voting system and how to read certification numbers.

PDF Document Quick Start Guide: Voting System Security
Provides information and tips about voting devices, security related to software, procedures for staff contact, facility storage, transporting voting units, early voting security process, Election Day tabulation, storage, and post-election maintenance of voting equipment. The guide also provides information about password maintenance, staff access, and the physical security of all equipment. .

 Document Ten New Quick Start Guides & Tips for Election Officials
EAC has ten new Quick Start Guides available with concise tips for election officials. The guides offer quick tips on: (1) Educating Poll Watchers; (2) Disaster and Contingency Planning; (3) Managing Provisional Ballots; (4) Conducting Election Audits; (5) Serving UOCAVA Voters; (6) Managing Alternative Voting Method; (7) Managing the Voting Process; (8) Employing Effective Poll Workers; (9) Strengthening Voter Education Programs; and (10) Making Election Data Pay Off. We also posted Voter Tips with FAQ facts to help and encourage voters to become familiar with the voting process in your state

PDF Document Tips for Making Voting Accessible
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Help America Vote Act (HAVA) require that all Americans have the same opportunity to participate in the voting process, privately and independently. These six tips and examples can help you make voting accessible to everyone in your jurisdiction

PDF Document Tips for Voters With Disabilities
Before you vote in the next election, know the voting process in your State. The following ten tips from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission examine the options available to help voters with disabilities vote privately and independently

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