Registration=>Participation: Tomorrow is the big day!

Sep 25, 2017

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day! The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) encourages every eligible American to register to vote or update their voter registration. There’s no time like the present because elections are happening right now across the nation and next year’s Federal Election is just a little more than one year away.

Voter registration is the first step toward full participation in our nation’s elections. Throughout the past month we’ve used this blog, our social media accounts, and original research to highlight the importance of voter registration. It’s been wonderful to see so many election officials and Americans from across the nation engage in this Registration=>Participation campaign. Below are some of our favorite highlights:

EAVS DEEP DIVE: Voter registration is the backbone of American elections. How citizens get on voter rolls and how these rolls are maintained by election officials is an ongoing and critical part of the voting process. This EAVS deep dive examines voter registration data from the 2016 election cycle across the nation. It is the first in a series of EAVS Deep Dives that we will release in the coming months.

COMMISSIONER BLOGS: Earlier this month, readers heard directly from EAC Chairman Masterson, Vice Chairman Hicks, and Commissioner McCormick, who each provided a unique  perspective about the importance of registering to vote in the commissioner blogs.

TWITTER & FACEBOOK FUN: From voter registration day “postcards” and “flashback Fridays” on Facebook to Twitter exchanges with eligible voters and the election officials who serve them, we’ve enjoyed interacting with you about the importance of voter registration. Keep checking our accounts in the days and months ahead. (And here’s a sneak peek - next month is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!)

Please stay tuned to because there will be more voter registration fun today and, of course, tomorrow. And even more importantly don’t forget to take a moment to register to voter or update your voter registration. Democracy starts with you!  


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