Registration->Participation: Democracy Starts With You!

Aug 25, 2017
Did you know that September 26 is the fifth annual National Voter Registration Day (NVRD)? To celebrate, the EAC will spend the next few weeks using its new Registration->Participation campaign to highlight the importance of registering to vote, updating your current voter registration information, and why exercising the right to vote is fundamental to our democracy.
Last year, more than 750,000 voters registered to vote on NVRD! This year, we’d love to help top that number by getting the word out and providing resources that make it easy for all eligible voters to take the plunge and register! Below are some of the Registration->Participation activities we have planned for you:
Visit to Register to Vote: Under the Help America Vote Act of 2002, the Election Assistance Commission maintains the National Voter Registration Form and provides an easy-to-access portal for all Americans seeking to register to vote or update their voter registration information. If you’d like to make this the year that you register to vote, the first step to visit’s registration webpage.
Connect with Us on Social: Over the coming month, be on the lookout for regular EAC blogs, Tweets (@EACgov) and Facebook (@eacgov1) posts linking to our activities, sharing our personal experiences with registering to vote, and providing information about NVRD-related resources. We’ll have content for all audiences, including Americans seeking to register to vote and the election officials who serve them. You can even invite a friend to “like” or “follow” us!
Get the Facts: Using our recent Election Administration and Voting Survey data, we’ll release a new “deep dive” look at voter registration data and use social media to provide a series of fun facts about registration trends and practices.
We are excited to spend the next month focused on voter registration, and we hope you’ll engage with us along the way. Please help us to spread the word and encourage those in your circle to register to vote. It’s the first step toward fully participating in elections and helping to shape our nation’s future!
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