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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Public Meeting

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM Millennium Hotel Minneapolis Horizons, 14th Floor
1313 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN, 55403-2697

(612) 332-6000

The Commission will receive presentations on Successful Ballot Design, including the Ballot Design Process from Start to Finish; Ballot Design Accessibility, and Usability; and Successful Designs for Optical-scan Ballots, Direct Recording Device Ballots and Paper Ballots. The Commission will consider a status report on a first time voter study, (2) a voter information websites study, (3) a policy proposal regarding the allowable uses of HAVA funds, (4) Advisory Opinion 07-003-A regarding MOE.




  • Revised Proposal Regarding the Use of HAVA Funds; Policy (Adopted 3-1)

    • Original proposal (April 9, 2008)

  • Vote for revised recommendation to modify EAC Advisory 07-003-A on Maintenance of Effort Funding

    • Commissioners voted to table Vice Chair Hunter's proposal to modify Advisory Opinion 07-003-A regarding Maintenance of Effort (MOE) until it can be placed on a future public meeting agenda.

  • EAC Staff Memo Regarding Proposed MOE Policy Change

    • Commission seeks additional comments: Commissioners approved (3-1) a motion for EAC to "refrain from enforcing the MOE Advisory, EAC Advisory 07-003-A, to the extent that it requires a state to include local and/or county government expenditures when determining the MOE baseline as required by HAVA Section 254(a)(7), until such time that the Commisison votes to adopt a policy on the MOE requirements of HAVA."

      To comment on the preceding MOE proposals or about MOE in general, send an email to HAVAInfo@eac.gov. Please indicate the subject in the email. View the comments in the Payments and Grants Comment Archives.


Reports Considered
  • Voter Information Websites Study

  • Vincent Keenan, President, Publius.org

First Time Voter Study Status Report
  • Karen Lynn-Dyson, Research Director, EAC

  • Meredith Imwalle, President, Winner's Circle Communications

Preparing for Election Day 2008: Ballot Design
  • John Gale, Nebraska Secretary of State; "Successful Designs for Optical Scan Ballots"

  • Lance Gough, Executive Director, Chicago Board of Election Commissioners; "Successful Designs for Direct Recording Device Ballots"

  • Kathy Dent, Supervisor of Elections, Sarasota County, FL and President, Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections; "The Ballot Design Process from Start to Finish"

EAC Resources for Effective Ballot Design
  • Karen Lynn-Dyson, Research Director, EAC

  • Connie Schmidt, CERA Co-Project Manager, Election Management Guidelines

  • 3-1 (Carried) Motion to adopt the policy regarding use of HAVA funds

  • 4-0 (Carried) Motion to table Modifying Advisory Opinion 07-003-A Regarding MOE (Section 254(a)(7))

  • 3-1 (Carried) Motion to refrain from enforcing the 07-003-A MOE until the EAC votes to adopt a policy on the MOE requirement of HAVA


HAVA Funding Proposals

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Testimony - Vincent Keenan on voter info sites
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