Presidential Commission on Election Administration Commissioners

Robert Bauer and Benjamin Ginsberg


1776 G Street NW.

Washington, DC 20006

Dear Commissioners Bauer and Ginsberg:

The government shutdown is just the most recent evidence partisanship is destroying our country – and it had the whole world watching. The good news is that you have an opportunity to recommend structural reforms that will fix this problem.

I am an independent, one of 1100 who signed on to a letter encouraging you to recognize that the most important aspect of our election process is ensuring it is open to all eligible voters. You know that 40% of Americans consider ourselves independent, and we have testified before your committee that we are not able to fully participate in the democratic process due to partisan primaries, registration requirements, rulemaking bodies, ballot requirements, redistricting and other laws that deny equal voting rights to independent voters. In addition, voters do not have initiative and referendum rights in half the states. I urge you to address these in your final report.


Stewart Early
2277 Main Street
Bethlehem PA 18017

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