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How to Request an Advisory Opinion

Any federal or state government official, any local election official (provided the local jurisdiction received or anticipates receiving HAVA funds), or any member of the EAC staff may request an advisory opinion concerning the use of HAVA funds.

Inquiries from federal and state government officials and from local election officials regarding the use of HAVA funds will be submitted for consideration through an advisory opinion process. Each request will have a ten-day public comment period.

Advisory Opinion Requests (AOR) may be sent by email to havafunding@eac.gov or by mail to: Director, Division of HAVA Payments and Grants, 1335 East West Highway, Suite 4300, Silver Spring, MD 20910, Attention: Advisory Opinion Request.  A web-based advisory-opinion-request application will be available in the future to facilitate handling of questions through the EAC website.

Upon receipt of a request, a tracking number will be assigned, reflecting year and order received (e.g. AOR-08-001).


Each request shall contain the following required information:

1. Requestor (State, local jurisdiction, or EAC staff) Identified point of contact and contact information including:
  • Contact Name

  • Mailing Address

  • Phone Number

  • Fax Number

  • Email address

2. A statement of the question on which an advisory opinion is requested.
3. Type of Funds (Section 101, 102, or 251)
  • Whether a certification has been filed under Section 251(b)(2).

  • If Section 251, fiscal year appropriation.


4. Any applicable details regarding use of funds pertaining to the question including, but not limited to:


  • Any guidance issued by EAC referenced.

  • Nature of use of funds. (Title III requirements, improving administration of elections, etc.) 

  • How the State plan accounts for the use of the funds.

  • Any pertinent change(s) in State law impacting a request.

  • If the request is for approval of a capital expenditure or alteration to real property, a certification that the requestor’s has determined the expenditures to be reasonable and allocable to HAVA funds.