User Roles

Account information (ID and Password) is automatically e-mailed to the new user.Grant recipients can have one of three recipient roles in GrantSolutions. Each grant is required to have an Administrative Official (ADO)and a Program Director (PD) assigned to it. A Grantee Financial Official (GFO) is an optional user assignment.

  • Administrative Official (ADO)
  • Program Director (PD)
  • Grantee Financial Official (GFO)

The user matrix below will help you understand the scope of the three foundational roles as you determine who should be GrantSolutions users in your organization and which roles those users should possess. A few tips to remember:

  • Grantee ADO’s may assign multiple users to multiple roles
  • Each user may be assigned to multiple applications and awards
  • Each user will have one username and password

At the bottom of this page are links to training materials that you can review to become acquainted with GrantSolutions. There are short videos and downloadable PDF job aids to help guide you through the system as you become familiar with GrantSolutions. EAC Grants Staff will be reaching out shortly to clarify the assignment of contacts and user roles for each Grantee. Please fully respond to that email by the requested date so the system setup is as smooth as possible.

The User Role Definitions are available for download


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