NASS Overview of Voter Registration

Mar 23, 2018

Over the past two weeks, we have highlighted various approaches and resources states provide on voter list maintenance. This week, the EAC is sharing an in-depth report from the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS). 

Originally released in 2009, NASS updated the “Maintenance of State Voter Registration Lists: A Review of Relevant Policies and Procedures” last December. The review includes an overview of how states:

  • Verify information on voter registration applications and confirm address information. 
  • Establish processes for obtaining names of registrants no longer eligible to vote, and criteria for how such names are removed from voter rolls. 
  • Share voter registration data between states to cross check information. 

Additionally, the report summarizes state policies and procedures related to online voter registration, automatic voter registration, and the automatic restoration of voting rights of individuals convicted of a felony. 

This 50-state (plus the District of Columbia) view is an excellent source of how states manage their voter lists. 

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