Maintenance Monday: Brian Corley, Pasco County, Florida

Mar 20, 2017

This week we resume our "Maintenance Monday" series with Brian Corley, Supervisor of Elections, Pasco County, Florida. Supervisor Corley takes a proactive approach to serving voters and in conducting his county’s list maintenance process. In his words, "my staff and I work tirelessly to conduct transparent, trouble-free and secure elections with timely and accurate results. We continue to provide the information, education and technology needed for you to become an effective and empowered voter."

Pasco County has a population of approximately 460,000 with a voter roll of about 300,000 and is located in the Tampa Bay area on the Gulf of Mexico. Below are Supervisor Corley’s responses to our list maintenance questions.  

EAC: Why is voter list maintenance important and what do you think is crucial for voters and policymakers to know about the process?

Brian Corley: List Maintenance is important to the integrity of the voter registration file by striving to keep it as current and accurate as possible; however, our efforts are only as good as the information we receive directly from the voter or indirectly through USPS, and other agencies such as DHSMV, Social Security, Department of Corrections, and Clerk of Courts.  There are many stakeholders involved in the process with the most important one being the voter!


EAC: Describe how you conduct voter list maintenance. How do your state and county officials work together?

Brian Corley: We conduct list maintenance in accordance with Florida Law, by using National Change of Address information from the United States Post Office and the prescribed forms: Address Confirmation Request, Address Change Notice, and Address Confirmation Final Notice.  We regularly process the Social Security death index information and felon files which we receive from the Florida Division of Elections.

EAC: What do you do to ensure that voters are not incorrectly removed from the voter rolls?

Brian Corley: We use standardized office procedures which contain a list of criteria based on the guidelines provided in statute.  Our office uses a dual editing process for every transaction on a voter registration record.

EAC: How does voter list maintenance help you administer and plan for elections?

Brian Corley: Proactivity always equates to a smoother, trouble-free election day. 

EAC: How does your office define success in the voter list maintenance process?

Brian Corley: Success in the list maintenance process is when we receive accurate information that is complete in accordance with statute so that we can make the necessary changes/adjustments to the voter’s record.

EAC: What additional resources would help you enhance your current voter list maintenance procedures and make improvements to your voter rolls?

Brian Corley: Proactivity on the part of voters would ultimately lead to the most current and accurate voter registration rolls. We are also hopeful that Florida Legislation will move toward implementation of ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center).  We feel it would be an additional resource in guiding our list maintenance correspondence to voters with whom we have lost touch.  Lastly, we feel that taking steps to protect voters’ personal information from being disclosed under the public record laws would enable voters to be more forthcoming with accurate contact information. 

EAC: What is one tip or best practice you would share related to voter list maintenance?

Brian Corley: On off-election years we do in-house quality control projects that improve the accuracy of the voter rolls. For example:

  • Cross checks for duplicate records

  • DOB errors that do not match imbedded Driver Licenses

  • Check records for missing and wrong signatures

  • Check that scanned documents belong to the attached voter

  • Street Index cleanup for consistency of lot, apt, and unit numbers associated with certain addresses

  • Request from the State Department of Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) for a list of people who reported their voter registration was "current" during their last visit to DMV.  We then follow-up with those voters whom we find are no longer in active status on our rolls.

Thank you to Brian for being a part of our list maintenance outreach efforts. As our "Spring Cleaning" series continues, we look forward to providing the elections community with further information on this important topic. Additionally, please check out our live stream panel discussion on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. about the nuts and bolts of list maintenance with state and local leaders.

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