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Fraud, Waste & Abuse Form


U.S. Election Assistance Commission Office of Inspector General On-Line Complaint Form

Employees and members of the public may use this form to submit a complaint regarding waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement in EAC programs or involving a recipient of funds distributed by EAC. In addition, employees, former employees and contractors of EAC may use this form to disclose serious wrongdoing or gross mismanagement at EAC or complaint if the employee or contractor has suffered retaliation due to a disclosure of such activities to an EAC supervisor or EAC management.

My complaint involves allegations of:    

CONFIDENTIALITY: The user of this form may submit a confidential or anonymous complaint. With a confidential complaint, the user provides his/her name and contact information. The OIG will keep that information confidential until it requests and obtains the user's permission to disclose that information or until the Inspector General determines that disclosure of the information is necessary to the investigation of the complaint. If the user chooses to remain anonymous, no contact information will be collected. This means that the Inspector General will have no ability to contact the user to obtain additional information or to answer any question that are raised by the complaint. Failure to provide any contact information may hinder the Inspector General's ability to investigate the complaint. Persons making whistleblower complaints cannot be provided protection from retaliation unless they provide their names.

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In the box provided below, please provide as much information as possible regarding your complaint. The dates, times, and places of events as well as the names of individuals involved are critical to a thorough investigation of your complaint.

The Office of Inspector General will review your compliant. Your complaint will be assigned a control number, which will be communicated to you if you provide contact information. If you contact the Office of Inspector General about this complaint, you should use the control number assigned. Ultimately, the Office of Inspector General has investigatory discretion. The Office of Inspector General may refer your complaint to another Federal agency, open its own investigation, or decline to open an investigation, depending upon the information that you have provided. In order to preserve the Office of Inspector General's ability to effectively consider and investigate claims, you may not be notified of the office's determination of whether or not to investigate your claim. Thank you for using the Office of Inspector General's on-line complaint form.