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Glossary Term Definition
identification envelope
Independent American Party
independent testing
informed voting
internal audit log A human readable record, resident on the voting machine, used to track all activities of that machine. This log records every activity performed on or by the machine indicating the event and when it happened.
Internet Voting

The return of a voted ballot or voter information packet by email or through the use of an Internet supported application.


The extent to which systems from different manufacturers and devices with different system configurations can communicate with each other.


One who translates for people communicating in different languages.

interruption of the voting process

Voting equipment failures, inadequate supplies, disasters, or anything that prevents voting.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

A hardware or software application that detects and reports a suspected security breach, policy violation, or other compromise that may adversely affect the network.

invalidate your vote

An error, mistake, or omission that results in your vote not counting towards the final election result.


Something that is not correct or acceptable, such as when the rules, laws, or usual ways of doing things have not been followed.


To give something to someone in an official manner.

issue (to issue a vote)

When an official authority, election clerk or poll worker gives a voter a ballot to vote.