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Glossary Term Definition
early voting Broadly, voting conducted before election day where the voter completes the ballot in person at a county office or other designated polling place or ballot drop site prior to election day.
early voting ballot board
early voting by touch screen
early voting clerk
early voting touch-screen sites
elderly voters
elected member
elected officials
elected official’s campaign activity
elected to fill unexpired term
election A formal process of selecting a person for public office or of accepting or rejecting a political proposition by voting.
election administration process
election assessment
election authority
election ballot
election board
election calendar
election campaign
election clerk
election code
election commission
election contest
election contribution
election databases Data file or set of files that contain geographic information about political subdivisions and boundaries, all contests and questions to be included in an election, and the candidates for each contest.
Election Day; election day
election definition Definition of the contests and questions that will appear on the ballot for a specific election.
election district Contiguous geographic area represented by a public official who is elected by voters residing within the district boundaries. The district may cover an entire state or political subdivision, may be a portion of the state or political subdivision, or may include portions of more than one political subdivision.
election division
election equipment
election form
election fraud
election inspector
election judge