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assistance to vote
assistant attorney general
assistant of voters
assistant superintendent
assistant United States attorney
at large
attorney general
audio ballot A ballot in which a set of offices is presented to the voter in spoken, rather than written, form.
audio function with headset and earphones
audio-tactile interface (ATI) Voter interface designed to not require visual reading of a ballot. Audio is used to convey information to the voter and sensitive tactile controls allow the voter to communicate ballot selections to the voting system.
audit Systematic, independent, documented process for obtaining records, statements of fact or other relevant information and assessing them objectively to determine the extent to which specified requirements are fulfilled.
audit capacity
audit process
audit trail
audit trail for direct-recording equipment Paper printout of votes cast, produced by direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines, which election officials may use to cross-check electronically tabulated totals.

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