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Glossary Term Definition
data accuracy (1) Data accuracy is defined in terms of ballot position error rate. This rate applies to the voting functions and supporting equipment that capture, record, store, consolidate and report the specific selections, and absence of selections, made by the voter for each ballot position. (2) The system's ability to process voting data absent internal errors generated by the system. It is distinguished from data integrity, which encompasses errors introduced by an outside source.
data integrity Invulnerability of the system to accidental intervention or deliberate, fraudulent manipulation that would result in errors in the processing of data. It is distinguished from data accuracy that encompasses internal, system-generated errors.
data security
deadline for voting
deceased candidate
decertification Revocation of national or state certification of voting system hardware and software.
declaration of assistance to vote
declaration of candidacy
declaration of intent
declaration of intent to solicit and receive contributions
declaration of intention
declaration of intention to run for office
decline to
decryption Process of changing encrypted text into plain text.
defective ballot
Democratic Party
democratic process
democratic reforms
Department of State
Department of Transportation
deputy attorney general
deputy mayor
description of state ballot measures
designate (adj)
designate (verb)
detach here