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Glossary Term Definition
ballot The official presentation of all of the contests to be decided in a particular election. Version 1.0 Volume I: Voting System Performance Guidelines Appendix A: Glossary A-5
ballot access
ballot board
ballot box
ballot card
ballot cast
ballot configuration Particular set of contests to appear on the ballot for a particular election district, their order, the list of ballot positions for each contest, and the binding of candidate names to ballot positions.
ballot counter Process in a voting device that counts the votes cast in an election.
ballot counting logic The software logic that defines the combinations of voter choices that are valid and invalid on a given ballot and that determines how the vote choices are totaled in a given election.
ballot demonstration station
ballot envelope
ballot format The concrete presentation of the contents of a ballot appropriate to the particular voting technology being used. The contents may be rendered using various methods of presentation (visual or audio), language or graphics.
ballot image Electronically produced record of all votes cast by a single voter.
ballot instructions Information provided to the voter during the voting session that describes the procedure for executing a ballot. Such material may (but need not) appear directly on the ballot.
ballot issuing station
ballot label
ballot layout
ballot marking device
ballot measure (1) A question that appears on the ballot for approval or rejection. (2) A contest on a ballot where the voter may vote yes or no.
ballot order
ballot pamphlet
ballot pickup
ballot position A specific place in a ballot where a voter's selection for a particular contest may be indicated. Positions may be connected to row and column numbers on the face of a voting machine or ballot, particular bit positions in a binary record of a ballot (for example, an electronic ballot image), the equivalent in some other form. Ballot positions are bound to specific contests and candidate names by the ballot configuration.
ballot preparation Selecting the specific contests and questions to be contained in a ballot format and related instructions; preparing and testing election-specific software containing these selections; producing all possible ballot formats; and validating the correctness of ballot materials and software containing these selections for an upcoming election.
ballot production Process of generating ballots for presentation to voters, e.g., printing paper ballots or configuring the ballot presentation on a DRE.
ballot question
ballot rotation Process of varying the order of the candidate names within a given contest.
ballot scanner Device used to read the voter selection data from a paper ballot or ballot card.
ballot stub
ballot style
ballot summary
ballot title
ballot types
becoming a candidate for public office
begin voting