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Election Officials

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Term Definition
alternative ballot alternative ballot Description,
alternative format alternative format Description, The ballot or accompanying information is said to be in an alternative format if it is in a representation other than the standard ballot language and format.
amendment in whole or in part amendment in whole or in part Description,
American Independent American Independent Description,
American Independent Party American Independent Party Description,
American Party American Party Description,
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Description,
anonymous contributions anonymous contributions Description,
appeal appeal Description,
appeals process appeals process Description,
appellate appellate Description,
applicable applicable Description,
application application Description,
application for ballot by mail (ABBM) application for ballot by mail (ABBM) Description,
application form application form Description,
appoint appoint Description,
appointed at large appointed at large Description,
appointed incumbent appointed incumbent Description,
appointed member appointed member Description,
appointed to serve until next general election appointed to serve until next general election Description,

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