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Term Definition
voter registration voter registration Description,
voter registration application voter registration application Description,
voter registration card voter registration card Description,
voter registration certificate voter registration certificate Description,
voter registration drive voter registration drive Description,
voter registration list voter registration list Description,
voter registration rolls voter registration rolls Description,
voter statistics voter statistics Description,
voter turnout voter turnout Description,
voter turnout percentages voter turnout percentages Description,
voter’s pamphlet voter’s pamphlet Description,
voter’s signature voter’s signature Description,
voter's bill of rights voter's bill of rights Description,
voter's declaration voter's declaration Description,
voter's guide voter's guide Description,
voters with disabilities voters with disabilities Description,
voter-verifiable voter-verifiable Description, A voting system feature that provides the voter an opportunity to verify that his or her ballot selections are being recorded correctly, before the ballot is cast.
voter-verifiable audit record voter-verifiable audit record Description, Human-readable printed record of all of a voter’s selections presented to the voter to view and check for accuracy.
voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) Description,
Voter-Verified Paper Record System (VVPRS) Voter-Verified Paper Record System (VVPRS) Description,

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