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Term Definition
vacancy vacancy Description,
valid valid Description,
valid identification (ID) valid identification (ID) Description,
valid registered voter valid registered voter Description,
valid vote valid vote Description, Vote from a ballot or ballot image that is legally acceptable according to state law.
validation validation Description, Process of evaluating a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements.
verification verification Description, Process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the products of a given development phase satisfy the conditions (such as specifications) imposed at the start of the phase. Version 1.0 Volume I: Voting System Performance Guidelines Appendix A: Glossary A-19
verification methods verification methods Description,
verification of voter registration information verification of voter registration information Description,
verify verify Description,
verify your voter registration verify your voter registration Description,
veto veto Description,
vice- vice- Description,
vice chairman vice chairman Description,
vice mayor vice mayor Description,
vice president vice president Description,
vice-presidential vice-presidential Description,
video ballot video ballot Description, Electronic voter interface which presents ballot information and voting instructions as video images.
view written instructions view written instructions Description,
violate violate Description,

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