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Election Officials

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Term Definition
paper ballot paper ballot Description,
paper printout paper printout Description,
paper record paper record Description, Paper cast vote record that can be directly verified by a voter
paper record display unit paper record display unit Description,
paper trail paper trail Description,
paper-based voting system paper-based voting system Description, Voting system that records votes, counts votes, and tabulates the vote count, using one or more ballot cards or paper ballots. Version 1.0 Volume I: Voting System Performance Guidelines Appendix A: Glossary A-14
parallel monitoring parallel monitoring Description,
parish parish Description,
partisan partisan Description,
partisan election partisan election Description,
partisan office partisan office Description, An elected office for which candidates run as representatives of a political party.
partisan office declaration of candidacy partisan office declaration of candidacy Description,
party party Description,
party affiliation party affiliation Description,
party candidate party candidate Description,
party convention party convention Description,
party designation party designation Description,
party enrollment party enrollment Description,
party label party label Description,
party preference party preference Description,

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