Getting Ready for the EAC’s 2018 Federal Election Summit

Jan 09, 2018

Tomorrow, the EAC will host an all-day summit highlighting a spectrum of issues that state and local election officials will face as they work to administer secure, accessible and efficient federal elections in the coming year. 

Expert speakers and panelists will discuss critical issues, such as election security, voting accessibility, and how to use election data to improve the voter experience. They will provide insights from a variety of perspectives, and answer questions from both moderators and members of the audience. 

It is my pleasure to announce the full list of speakers and panelists who will join us at the summit tomorrow. 

Doug Chapin, Director of the Program for Excellence in Election Administration at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, will kick off the summit as the event’s keynote speaker.  

During our first discussion, “Election Efficiency and Integrity: Improving the Voter Experience,” EAC Commissioner Christy McCormick will speak with:

  • Secretary Barbara Cegavske, Nevada Secretary of State
  • Krysha Gregorowicz, Senior Researcher, Fors Marsh Group
  • Michael Scarpello, Registrar of Voters, San Bernadino County, California
  • Charles Stewart III, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Political Science, MIT 

After a break, EAC Chairman Matthew Masterson will sit down for “Election Security: Solutions and Opportunities” with: 

  • Jeremy Epstein, National Science Foundation’s Deputy Division Director for Computer and Network Systems Research
  • Secretary Nellie Gorbea, Rhode Island Secretary of State
  • David Stafford, Supervisor of Elections, Escambia County, Florida
  • Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State

Bob Kolasky, Acting Deputy Undersecretary for the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate, will deliver the summit’s keynote address in the place of Undersecretary Christopher Krebs, who was called away. 

For his panel on “Election Accessibility: Protecting Privacy and Improving Reliability,” EAC Vice Chair Thomas Hicks will be joined by: 

  • Virginia Atkinson, Senior Access and Inclusion Specialist, International Foundation for Electoral Systems
  • Michelle Bishop, Voting Rights Specialist, National Disability Rights Network
  • Cameron Sasnett, Director of the Office of Elections and General Registrar, Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Stafford Ward, Secretary of the Board & Technology and Voter Services Advisor, U.S. Vote Foundation  

Our final discussion of the day will be an open mic with EAC Executive Director Brian Newby and EAC Commissioners Matthew Masterson, Christy McCormick and Thomas Hicks. 

I hope you will be there with me to be part of these important discussions. There’s still time to register to attend the summit. Visit our EAC Summit: The 2018 Federal Election webpage to learn more about the day’s events and to reserve your spot!

For those following the discussions online, the EAC will be live Tweeting the event with the hashtag #EACSummit from @EACgov.

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