While Election Day marks the end of voters casting ballots, state and local election officials still have a long to-do list to go through after the election. These include the many states that conduct post-election audits of voting systems as well as recounts that may occur in close races. Below are links to national and state resources about processes for post-election audits and recounts.

EAC Resources

Election Audits Across the United States - This document provides insight on the following topics related to audits: types of audits, timing, policies, case studies, and state-specific information.

Post-Election Tabulations Audits

Risk-Limiting Audits: Practical Application (Whitepaper)

6 Tips for Conducting Election Audits

Quick Start Management Guide: Conducting a Recount

Election Management Guidelines (EMG) – This resource was created to assist state and local election officials in effectively managing and administering elections. It includes Chapter 17: Post-Election Audits and Chapter 19: Recounts.


EAC Logic and Accuracy and Post-Election Audit Grants

In 2010 EAC made grant awards totaling $1,463,074 to county and state organizations to support research, development, documentation and dissemination of a range of procedures and processes for managing and conducting high-quality logic and accuracy testing and post election audit activities.

California Secretary of State Post-Election Risk-Limiting Audit Pilot Program

Orange County California Applying Visual Management Techniques and Digital Analysis to Post Election Auditing

Santa Cruz County California Pre-Election Testing & Post-Election Audit Report

Colorado Department of State Risk-Limiting Audit & Post-Election Audit Initiative

Connecticut Secretary of the State Pre-Election and Post-Election Audit Solutions for Optical Scan Voting Equipment

Cook County Illinois 2010 Pre-Election Logic and Accuracy Testing and Post-Election Audit Initiative: Executive Summary

Cook County Illinois Election Verification Toolkit

Indiana Secretary of State/Ball State VSTOP Pre-Election Logic and Accuracy Testing and Post-Election Audit Initiative

New York State Board of Elections Processes and Best Practices for Coordinating Quality and Cost-effective Post Election Audits

Cuyahoga County Ohio Online Official Election Testing & Auditing Guide


National Resources

National Conference of State Legislatures: Post-Election Audits

National Conference of State Legislatures: Automatic Recounts

Center for Election Integrity Minnesota: Audit and Recount Laws Database


State and Local Resources: Audits

California: Post-Election Auditing Regulations and Reports

Connecticut: Audit Procedure Manual

Cuyahoga County, Ohio: Cuyahoga Election Audits

Florida: Post-Election Voting System Audit

Massachusetts: Post-Election Audit Information

Minnesota: 2016 Post-Election Review Guide

Montana: Post-Election Audit Guide


State Resources: Recounts

California: Statewide Recounts — Frequently Asked Questions

Connecticut: Recanvass Procedure Manual

Florida: Recount Procedure Summary

Indiana: Guidelines for Conduct of an Election Recount and Contest

Iowa: Recounts

Maryland: Recount Guide

Massachusetts: How to Request a Recount

Michigan: Election Recounts

Minnesota: 2016 Recount Guide

Montana: Montana Statewide Recount Guide

Nevada: Recount and Contest Guide

North Dakota: North Dakota Secretary of State Recount Guidelines

Rhode Island: Guide to Election Recounts

South Dakota: Recount Manual

Texas: Procedures to Request and Conduct a Recount  

Virginia: Virginia Election Recounts and Contests – The Basics

Washington: Recount Elections: Frequently Asked Questions

West Virginia: 2016 Best Practices Guide for Canvass and Recount

Wisconsin: Election Recount Procedures

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