Toolkit Resources

  • voter-info-site

    Voting Information Project helps voters find information about their elections with collaborative, open-source tools.

  • election_tools_1

    This website offers tools based on the expertise of election administrators, business managers, and social science researchers that can help election administrators plan and conduct elections.

  • voting

    A library of free and low-cost tools to promote civic engagement and make voting easier.

Polling Place Optimization Calculators

  • Alt Tag

    This tool uses queueing theory to calculate the minimal number of service stations at a process step in a polling place so as to satisfy a service target on maximum waiting times.

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    This simulation gives an idea of potential voter wait times for if you have estimates of projected turnout, average time to vote with your ballot and equipment, and average time required to check-in each voter.

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    An easy-to-use calculator takes basic information about a precinct and reports the number of check-in poll books and voting machines needed to keep lines short during a presidential election.


Registering to Vote

  • contact-your-state

    Select your state to access state voter registration deadlines, voter guides, absentee and early voting dates, provisional voting information and polling place hours and locations.

  • Vote-for-you

    Join millions of Americans who are registered to vote by signing up in your state. Your vote is your voice. Register and join the community of Americans that will determine the future of this country. Let your voice be heard!

Voter Lookup

  • vip_Voting_Info

    This tool offers voters information such as polling place and ballot information. The tool can be easily embedded on any website and supports multiple languages.

  • get_to_the_polls

    This app allows voters to find their official polling place, hours of operation, and full ballot summary based on their residential address.

  • vote411

    Enter your address to find your polling place, build your ballot with this online voters' guide and much more.

Election Worker

Implementing Common Data Format

  • vip-5-spec

    VIP 5.0 Specification provides greater structure to the data. This results in faster processing time because it allows less room for data errors, and will be viewed as a more straight forward and intuitive format for election officials to implement.

  • election_results_reporting

    This repository holds common election data format and related information and files that are being created by NIST and collaborators.

  • eac

    Focus for this working group is to make all election technologies work together through the implementation of a common data format.

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