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Posted: Aug 1, 2017

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Recruiting election workers for the 21st century requires new approaches that take advantage of innovative technology as well as make use of time-tested methods to reach all segments of our diverse population.

More is required than just adequate staf fing at the polling place. Today’s election work force participates not only in Election Day precincts, but vote centers, early voting, absentee and early tallying boards, recount boards, and post-election audits. The skill sets needed to carry out these activities with confidence and transparency requires election administrators to use every tool at their disposal in recruiting these essential workers.



Recruiting capable election workers requires crafting a strong message about your specific needs and one that reaches all segments of society.

  • Develop a “marketing” strategy that includes the reasons election workers volunteer, such as civic duty, community service, social interaction, high school or college credit, family tradition, as well as earning extra money
  • To recruit election workers with tech-savvy skills, inform the public of your specific needs with a high-visibility notice on your website
  • Develop specialized recruiting for high school
  • and college students, corporations and businesses, civic groups, government workers, and existing election workers
  • Be clear about what is involved in being an election worker
  • Create flyers that target multiple groups, including civic, business, and student associations
  • Use well-designed brochures with a catchy slogan, and place in high-traffic locations

  • Broadly distribute recruitment postcards and letters and have sign-up sheets at polling places

  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., are all good ways to communicate with the public

    Consider advertising on Google, Yahoo,

    or Craigslist

    You can also get local media to run public service announcements

    Be prepared to respond and have a follow-up plan when potential workers call or email

    Make sure to track the results of your recruiting efforts to guide you in the future


  • You can target specific groups for the type of workers you need
  • Presentations to organizations also serve voter education goals


  • Contact past election workers
  • In-person recruitment efforts can be time consuming
  • Social media and email communications require dedicated staffing


Be specific in outlining your needs

Compare notes with other election officials

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