National Council on Disability, Quick Tips

National Council on Disability, Quick Tips

Ten Suggested Practices to Improve Accessible Voting

As part of activities supported by the Election Assistance Commission Paraquad, a partner with the Research Alliance for Accessible Voting, collected informal research and information from voters and Election Administrators prior to and following the 2012 election cycle. Using interviews, focus groups, evaluations, and Election Day pilots, Paraquad identified ten suggested practices that could lead to a more successful accessible voting experience for administrators and voters. The suggestions are outlined in the following pages.

Work with community members with disabilities and disability advocacy groups year round.

  • Troubleshoot accessibility issues well before the Election.
  • Integrate information on accessibility, accommodations, and disability as much as possible into regular training materials.
  • Consider basing poll worker training on teaching workers how to use job aids instead of information memorization.
  • Utilize well-designed and accessible signage at the polling place.
  • Hire people with disabilities as poll workers and election staff.
  • Train poll workers on how to use commonly used accessible features of voting machines, in addition to training on voting equipment set-up.
  • Create and utilize networking and problem solving opportunities with other administrators and disability advocacy groups.
  • Keep yourself and your staff up to date on ADA and HAVA Guidelines.
  • Evaluate yourself, your staff, and poll workers!