#Countdown18: Securing & Improving American Election Systems

Sep 27, 2018

Next week, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is launching #Countdown18, a blog series that will highlight the innovative work states, counties and municipalities are doing to prepare for the 2018 elections on November 6th. The series will run throughout the month of October until Election Day.

As we all know, we have reached a critical moment in our democracy. But where there are challenges, there is also opportunity for creative thought, diverse partners and unique solutions! As the writer of #Countdown18, each week I’ll take a deep dive into the different phases in the election process, including priority issues such as voter registration, cybersecurity efforts, voting equipment updates, access to the vote and post-election audits. 

I will talk to election officials in the states, leading national experts and volunteers to learn about the efforts in place to improve the resilience of our election process, including efforts made possible as a result of the recently distributed 2018 HAVA funding. I’ll highlight successful efforts election leaders have in place for 2018 and those that can be put in place for 2020 and beyond. The series will also provide voters with a chance to look inside their own state and local election offices to see ways election administrators are working to make elections more secure, accessible and efficient.  

Each week, I will provide an overview of the issue on Monday and throughout the rest of the week, feature four states that have efforts in place to address the issue.

There is a lot going on in the lead up to November 6th. Start following #Countdown18 in October to get the latest. Share the blog with your community or friends who might be interested. Give me feedback or share a story of your own. The more we share, the more we know and the better our elections will be for all voters.  

You can reach me at choffman@eac.gov.


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