Winter is Coming and So are the Data!

Jan 03, 2017

While we are in the midst of what is the coldest time of year across the country, election officials are cozying up with the EAVS, our Election Administration and Voting Survey. They are demonstrating once again that running elections is a year-round job, not just a November thing every four years. In January, state and local officials are busy completing the six sections of the EAVS survey.

The EAVS will be released in a report to Congress at the end of June. It collects the most comprehensive nationwide data about election administration in the United States. During this time, while state and local election officials are completing the survey, we want to take this opportunity to make January all about EAVS! Make sure to look for a daily fact related to EAVS all this month, including information about:

  • How election officials prep for and complete the EAVS
  • An update on the related Statutory Overview
  • A look back at previous EAVS data
  • A look ahead at what’s new for EAVS in 2016

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