More Guidance Provided as EAVS Data Collection Begins

Dec 19, 2016
With the books closing on the 2016 election, the EAC is looking forward to working with states as they begin to respond to the 2016 Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS). This survey collects the most comprehensive nationwide data about election administration in the United States. 
The Fors Marsh Group is administering the 2016 survey. Last week, they hosted a webinar with EAC staff to provide guidance and answer questions; as state and local election officials dive into the EAVS.
This webinar is a follow-up to a previous webinar about states preparing for the survey. Additional videos provided were of an overview of the EAVS, guidance on how-to complete the survey templates and a series of six "bootcamp" videos that provide section-by-section guidance on how to complete the 2016 survey.
States have already begun completing the 2016 Statutory Overview which asks a series of questions about election laws, definitions and procedures. This information will help provide context to the data in the EAVS; giving a fuller picture of the landscape of U.S. election administration.
Check back in the New Year as we look forward to providing monthly updates on the EAVS and related news!

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