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Posted By Jessica Myers on November 15, 2016

EAC's "Voting System Testing Update" blog allows stakeholders to track progress on EAC system certification that impacts their jurisdiction.   

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on November 07, 2016

All of your planning, training, testing, assessing, re-assessing and work pays off tomorrow. With Election Day looming I want to let you know YOU GOT THIS!  

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Posted By Jessica Myers on November 07, 2016

EAC's Election update blog posts summarize the elections and deadlines for 2016   

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Posted By Jessica Myers on November 04, 2016

We thought it would be good to review unofficial and official election results.  

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Posted By Jessica Myers on November 03, 2016

A provisional ballot is a ballot given to a voter who thinks he or she is an eligible to vote at their polling place. 

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on November 03, 2016

As noted yesterday, early and absentee voting are popular options this election and nearly 33 million ballots have already been cast 

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