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Posted By EAC Staff on August 31, 2012

EAC has received a number of questions about how to complete the NVRA voter registration application. Hopefully, this post will help clarify the process for filling out the form accurately

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Posted By Jessica Myers on August 23, 2012

EAC has interactive maps on our website that provide information for voters, election officials and other interested parties

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Posted By Jessica Myers on June 21, 2012

The following suggestions may help enhance your voting experience.....

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Posted By Jessica Myers on February 23, 2012

College Pollworker & Mock Election Grants; 2010 Accessible Voting Technology Initiative; 2010 Military Heroes Initiative Grant; 2010 Testing & Auditing Grant

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Posted By EAC Staff on February 09, 2012

With the recent opinion issued to EAC advisory boards, we received a lot of questions about which activities we are still working on. EAC employees continue to work

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Posted By ARCHIVE on December 19, 2011

How many states participate in EAC’s voting certification process?

Thirty-five states rely on some part of the federal testing and certification program.

  • 12 states require federal certification of their voting systems
  • 10 states require testing to federal standards
  • 13 states require testing by a laboratory that has been accredited by the federal government

In addition, states and many local election officials use the information EAC generates and shares as a baseline for testing, ultimately saving them time and money. For more information, see the Overview of State Requirements & the Federal Voting System Program.

Every week we get questions about registering to vote. Recent questions include:

  • How do you register to vote?
  • I'm moving right before an election. Can I still vote?
  • How do I vote if I've moved?

You can register using the process in the state where you live or by using the National Mail Voter Registration Form. Please note that registration requirements vary by state, so be sure to check with your state to find out what is required. Voter registration does not move with you, so you will have to complete a new voter registration form to update your new address. Read more about moving and registering to vote. For more information about re-registering in the jurisdiction of your new address, visit your state’s election office website.






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