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An U.S. Election Assistance Commission blog written by former Commissioner Matthew Masterson

Vice-Chair Masterson: Tomorrow is E – 0

Nov 07, 2016

Tomorrow is E – 0. All of your planning, training, testing, assessing, re-assessing and work pays off tomorrow. With Election Day looming I want to let you know YOU GOT THIS! For the past days, months, and years you have been asking yourself what can go wrong? You have put plans in place to deal with those scenarios and then asked again what could go wrong?  Your constant preparation will pay off - and already has as more than 40 million ballots have been cast early! - as millions more Americans head to the polls tomorrow and exercise their right to vote.  With that said here are a few items that you already know (and frankly you have taught me) but I hope serve as good reminders:

  • Something will go wrong -  Every election has its story and every story has a little bit of drama.  Embrace the challenges, use your training and processes to resolve them and move forward.
  • React proportionally - You know your people and processes.  You will get calls and reports of issues. That info combined with your knowledge will tell you which items are non-issues, small issues, or a big deal. Time and resources are limited use them appropriately.
  • Stick to your processes and procedures - You have prepared and trained on these processes.  Everyone on your staff and all of your poll workers know them.  Don’t toss them now.  As issues arise remember you’ve already prepared for it, simply follow the procedure. 
  • Take one minute to enjoy it and take pride in your work -  This is your big day.  The culmination of all your hard work and preparation.  Once polls have opened, issues ironed out, and voters are voting, take a minute to look at your staff and appreciate all that you have already accomplished together.  Take a deep breath and know that millions of Americans appreciate all of your hard work.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at the Election Assistance Commission, THANK YOU!

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