Patrick Leahy
 Patrick Leahy

With extensive public policy experience in both the executive and
legislative branches, Pat Leahy has a background in various public
policy issues, program management, and strategic communications.

Pat worked for the House Administration Committee in the U.S. House of
Representatives from 2001 to 2004.  During his tenure he was
instrumental in the development and passage of the Help America Vote
Act (HAVA). He currently uses his expertise on election reform and
disability policy in his position as Senior Advisor to the U.S.
Election Assistance Commission, where he directs and develops projects
to implement HAVA.

In addition to this service, Pat worked on Capitol Hill for five
Members of Congress, including a stint with the House Leadership. He
also worked for Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, where he helped direct international trade policy.

During his free time, Pat enjoys helping our nation’s wounded
warriors, weight training, reading, and being an avid baseball fan.
Additionally, he has a guide dog named Hogan, who is a four year old
yellow Labrador.


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