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12/15/2016 -- Public Meeting

Topic: EAC Meets to Review the 2016 Election and Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Testing & Certification. 

09/08/2016 -- Public Meeting

Topic: EAC Meets to Review Contingency Planning and Security Preparations for Election Day; Election Worker Best Practices Competition & National Voter Registration Month. 

06/02/2016 -- Summit on Language Access in Elections

Topic: Promote Language Access for American Voters in 2016 Elections. 

05/25/2016 -- Public Meeting

Topic: Release of the 2016 Election Worker Guidebook. Commissioners broght together state and local election officials, and research experts to: (1) dicuss ways to recruit and train electkon workers; and (2) discuss the allocation of resources at the polls on Election Day. 

04/27/2016 -- Pulbic Hearing

Topic: Testimony about accessible voting and the progress made since passage of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA). 

01/06/2016 --  Roundtable

Topic: Preparing for Election 2016 in Battleground Jurisdictions. 

01/06/2016 --  Public Meeting

Topics: Recommendations on a transition date for VVSG 1.1 and a policy regarding employee participation with outside organizations.




08/12 -08/13/2015 --  Election Data Summit

Topic: Two day election data summit to discuss how good data can help elections run better. 

07/28/2015 --  Public Meeting

Topics: 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. EAC's work on accessible voting and technology research and the results of the Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS). 

04/29/2015 --  Public Meeting

Topics: Reports from the advisory boards and a transition team, and to consider a draft Urban/Rural Study research report for approval. 

03/31/2015 --  Public Meeting

Topics: Approval of VVSG 1.1; updates to certification program manuals; and advisory opinion requests from state and local election offices related to the expenditure of HAVA funds. 

03/19/2015 --  Roundtable

Topic: Priorities, Policy, and Strategy: Next Steps for the EAC. 

02/24/2015 --  Public Meeting

Topics: Selection of officers and accreditation of a voting system test laboratory.




09/03/2014 --  Roundtable

Topic: EAC Grants - Expanding the Body of Knowledge of Election Administration - Reflections and Future Directions. 

06/12/2014 --  Roundtable

Topic: Reforming the Testing and Certification Process. 

03/13/2014 --  Roundtable

Topic: Managing the Polling Place: Lines, Logic and Logistics




05/09/2013 --  Roundtable

Topic: Transforming Election Administration, Voting System Accessibility, and the Certification Process. 

01/09/2013 --  Roundtable

Topic: Informing Change: A Review of Events and Issues of the 2012 Elections Cycle.




09/13/2012 --  Roundtable

Topic: Veterans Voting this November. 

06/19/2012 --  Roundtable

Topic: Getting Ready for the November 2012 Elections. 

03/20/2012 --  Roundtable

Topic: EAC National Clearinghouse on Elections.




06/17/2011 --  Roundtable

Topic: Voting Goes Viral. Using New Media to Manage an Election and Communicate with Voters. 

05/05/2011 --  Roundtable

Topic: The Life Cycle of Voting Machines. 

02/14/2011 --  Roundtable

Topics: Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Products Roundtable.

Participants: EAC, Brian Hancock, Director, Testing and Certification; moderator, Merle King, Kennesaw State University, Center for Election Systems; Ed Smith, Dominion Voting Systems; McDermot Coutts, Unisyn Voting Solutions;Luis Torres, Technical Service Manager, Orange County Supervisor of Elections; Paul Stenbjorn, DC Board of Elections; State Certification Tester, Glenn Newkirk, North Carolina; Technical Expert, Dave Burgess, CIO, Pennsylvania Department of State; Pete Marti, Senior EM Spectrum Engineer, Member- Navy Tri-SYSCOM E3 Integrated Product Team; Bill Hurst, Chief, Technical Research Branch, FCC Laboratory Division.




12/02/2010 -- Public Meeting and Roundtable

Topics: COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf), election official mentorship project, and a review of Election 2010.

Participants: Merle King of Kennesaw State University; Nathaniel Robinson of the Wisconsin Government Accountability board; Elaine Manlove of the State of Delware; Neal Kelley of Orange County, California; Stuart Harvey of Frederick, Maryland; Steve Pearson of ES&S; Frank Padilla of Wyle Laboratories; Ed Smith of Dominion Voting Systems; and Chris Ortiz of Unisyn Voting Solutions. 

10/14/2010 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: Election Worker Appreciation Resolution; voter preparation and information; and public testimony on proposed changes to the regulations pertaining to the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993

Participants: Neal Kelley (Registrar of Voters, Orange County, CA) and Efrain Escobedo (Executive Liaison Officer, Los Angeles County, CA) 

09/21/2010 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: Quality Monitoring Program; the VVSG 1.1; and proposed draft NVRA regulations

Participants: Jane Platten (Director, Board of Elections, Cuyahoga County, OH) 

08/18/2010 -- Public Hearing

Topics: Proposed changes to NVRA regulations. 

06/28/2010 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: EAC clearinghouse policy; Maintenance of Expenditure (MOE) policy; NVRA regulations; voting system pre-election logic and accuracy and post-election audit grants. 

05/27/2010 -- Public Meeting Canceled

Topics: Maintenance of Expenditure (MOE) policy; Clearinghouse Policy; National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) regulations; Election Management Guidelines (EMG) chapters. 

04/08/2010 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Clearinghouse Policy, UOCAVA Pilot Program

Participants:  Mark Skall (NIST), Paul Miller (WA SOS) 

03/11/2010 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Election Operations Assessment, Update on Wyle Lab Re-accreditation

Participants: Alec Yasinac (University of South Alabama) 

02/19/2010 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Maintenance of Effort/Expenditure (MOE) Policy

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Publish amended Proposal Policy "A" Maintenance of Effort/Expenditures for 30-day public comment period. 

01/25/2010 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Update on Memo of Understanding with OAS,  Maintenance of Effort Update, Advisory Opinion Request AOR-09-016, Annual Grants Report.

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Accept Advisory Opinion Request 09-016; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Approve FY2008 Annual Report on Grants Program




12/03/2009 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Updates on Maintanence of Efforts (Grants) and 2010 Election Day Survey (Research); FVAP, MOVE Act, UOCAVA

Participants: Bob Carey (FVAP), Andrew Regenscheid (NIST), Jim Silrum (ND SOS) 

11/05/2009 -- Public Meeting

Topics: 2008 Election Day Survey Report, 2008 UOCAVA Report, Election Management Guideline Chapters, Translations of the NVRA Form

Participants: Toby Moore (RTI)

Votes: 3-0 Tally Vote to Adopt 2008 UOCAVA Report; 3-0 Tally Vote to Adopt 2008 Election Administration and Voting Survey Report; 3-0 Vote for EAC to Translate the NVRA Form into five specified Asian languages; 3-0 Vote to Recommend that the NVRA Form Should Be Completed in English. 

10/13/2009 -- Roundtable Discussion: Accessible Voting Technologies

Topics: Current State of Voting Accessibility, Effective Practices in Federal R&D, Developing the EAC Research Agenda

Participants: Merle King (Kennesaw State), Randall Ash (GA VRS), Michael Bell (Howrey, LLP), Ruth Brannon (NIDRR), Dianne Cordry Golden (AATAP), Phillip Jenkins (USAB), Richard La Belle (FNDF), Sharon Laskowski (NIST), Patrick Leahy (GR Consultant), Ted Selker (Carnegie Mellon), Ed Smith (Dominion), Lynn Tamor (TheArcLink), Jim Tobias (Inclusives Tech.), Gregg Vanderheiden (UW-Madison) 

10/08/2009 -- Public Meeting

Topics: iBeta Lab Assessment, Panel on Voting Accessibility

Participants: Lisa Schur (Rutgers), David Baquis (USAB) 

09/02/2009 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: 07/19/09 NASS Resolution on HAVA of 2002, Hearing on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software and Hardware 

Participants: Steve Pearson (ESS), Bernie Hirsch (MicroVote), Max Peterson (Dell), Merle King (Kennesaw State), Jack Cobb (Wyle), Stephen Berger (TEM) 

07/14/2009 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: iBeta and SysTest Reaccreditation, Accessible Voting Technology Initiative

Participants: Sharon Laskowski (NIST), Delores Scott (NDRN), Robert Herman (PVA), Christopher Danielson (NFB), Carol Westlake (TDC), Robert Herman (PVA), Christopher Danielsen (NFB), Sarah Peterson (AAPD), Lynne Tamor (TheArcLink), Elliot Klien (Smart Stamp), Juan Gilbert (Clemson), Diane Cordry Golden (ATAP), Jason Beloungy (NCIL)

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Reaccredit iBeta; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Reaccredit SysTest 

06/17/2009 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Update on Report for States Receiving 2009 Requirements Payments, Consideration of Report to Congress: Election Day Data Collection Grant Program Evaluation; Discussion of Report to Congress: Impact of 1993 NVRA on the Administration Elections for Federal Office 2007-2008, Discussion of 2010 Election Day Survey

Participants: Diana Davis (ICF), Toby Moore (RTI International), David Burgess (PA DOS), Sarah Ball Johnson (KY BOE) 

05/19/2009 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Hearing on Military and Overseas Voters Part 1,

Participants: J. Bradley King (IN ED), Carye Blaney (Monogalia Co., WV), Tom Intorcio (NCSL)

04/15/2009 -- Public Meeting & Workshop (Denver, CO)

Topics: Cost-Saving Practices for Election Management

Participants: Connie Schmidt (Johnson Co., KS), Jill LaVine (Sacramento, CA), Scott Doyle (Larimer Co., CO) 

03/17/2009 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: Voter Registration Databases and Reviewing HAVA Mandated Guidance 

Participants: Herbert Lin (NRCA), Wendy Weiser (Brennan Center), Karen Long (Adams Co. CO), Dave Franks (OR Elections), Donald Palmer (FL SOS)

02/04/2009 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Installation of New Officers, Update on EAC Certification Program

Participants: Congressman Vernon Ehlers, Lorraine Miller (US House of Representatives)

02/02/2009 -- Closed Session Meeting

Votes: 3-1 Tally Vote on Appointment of EAC Office of General Counsel

01/29/2009 -- Unified Testing Initiative and Cost of Testing Meeting (Miami, FL)

Topics: Unified Testing Initiative, Pilot Program, EAC Threat Assessment Project, Election Costs  

Participants: Keith Cunningham (Allen Co. BOE), John Faumuina (American Samoa ED), David Alampi (Avante IT), Lowell Finley (CA SOS), Merle King (CES), Ann Griffiths (CIBER), Stephanie Cegielski (CO DOE), Wayne Munster (CO DOE), Maria Santiago Rodriguez (PR CEE), Nester Colon (PR CEE), Elaine Manlove (DE SEC), Mohammed Maeruf (DC BEE), Sylvia Goldsberry-Adams (DC BEE), James Hoover (Dominion), John Poulos (Dominion), John Groh (ESS), Steven Pearson (ESS), David Beirne (ETC), David Drury (FL DOE), Kurt Browning (SOS FL), Kathleen McGregor (Freeman, Inc.) Paul Craft (Freeman, Inc.), Wes Tailor (GA ED), Andy Rodgers (Hart InterCivic), Carolyn Coggins (iBeta), Diane Felts (IL SBOE), Brad King (IED), Michael Mauro (IA SOS), Brad Bryant (KS ED), Paul Aumayr (MD SBOE), Christopher Thomas (MI BOE), Lester Sola (Miami-Dade SOE), Michael Johnson (Miami-Dade SOE), Bernie Hirsch (MicroVote), Gary Poser (MN SOS), Justus Wendland (MT ED), Jacques Hulshof (NV Nedap), Gordon Gillerman (NIST), John Wack (NIST), Lynne Rosenthal (NIST), Ryan High (NV SOS), Anita Baca (NM SOS), Douglas Kellner (NY SBOE), Keith Long (NC SBOE), Jim Irwin Silrum (ND SOS), Eleanor Speelman (OH SOS), Erick Gale (OH SOS), Kirk Walter (OH SOS), Terry Dick (OH SOS), Dave Franks (OR SOS), David Burgess (PA SOS), James Kapsis (Precise Voting), Ian Piper (Premier), Kathy Rogers (Premier), Talbot Iredale (Premier), Robert Rapoza (RI SBOE), Edwin Smith (Sequoia), Michelle Shafer (Sequoia), Jennifer Headlee (SD SOS), Traci Mapps (SysTest Labs), Mark Phillips (SysTest Labs), Juanita Woods (TX ED), Larry Holmstrom (TruVote), Jennifer Daehn (US House Admin. Comm.), Peter Schalestock (US House Admin. Comm.), Thomas Hicks (US House Admin. Comm.), Chris Ortiz (Unisyn), Doug Jones (U of IA), Pamela Smith (VVF), Kathy DeWolfe (VE SOS), Alfred Giles (VA SBOE), Nick Handy (WA SOS), Ross Hein (WI GAB-ED), Frank Padilla (Wyle), Jack Cobb (Wyle), R. Bruce Bateman (Wyle), Peggy Nighswonger (Wyle) 

01/15/2009 -- Closed Session Meeting




12/08/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Election of 2009 Officers, Election Day 2008 Acitivity Report, Strategic Plan, Update on 2008 Election Day Survey

Participants: Sean Hogan (RTI), Susannah Goodman (Common Cause), Kurt Browning (FL SOS), Doug Kellner (SBE NY), Christopher Thomas (MI Elections), Candice Hoke (Cleveland State)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Resolution Celebrating America's Pollworkers; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Accept EAC Strategic Plan and have it posted to the Federal Register for a 30-day public comment

10/15/2008 -- Panel Discussion

Topics: Voting Systems Technology, Non-Traditional Ballots, Getting Results, Exit Polls and Time Zones, Post-Election Issues

Participants: Jennifer Brunner (OH SOS), Chris Nelson (NE SOS), Kurt Browning (FL SOS), Don Rehill (AP), Greg Dobbs (PBS) 

10/07/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Revisions to Advisory Process, Accreditation of CIBER, Inc.

Participants: John Crickenberger (NVLAP), Ann Griffiths (CIBER, Inc.)

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Interpretation of Material Changes for HAVA Section 254(a)(11); 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Accredit CIBER, Inc. for testing voting systems

09/18/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Updates on Final Administrative Regulations and 2008 Obligations Requirements, Preparing for Election Day 2008--Empowering Voters

Participants: Susan McRill (MI Bureau of Elections), Merle King (Kennesaw State), R. Doug Lewis (EC), Kristen Clarke (NAACP), Doug Chapin (PEW), Pedro Cortés (SOS PA) 

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Notice and Public Comment Policy; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Alternative Voting Methods Study; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt third set of Administrative Regulations

08/05/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Workshop on Preparing for Election Day 2008 and Statewide Voter Registration Databases, Proposed Administrative Regulations, Research Department Work Plan

Participants: Mark Ritchie (SOS MN)

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Notice and Public Comment Policy; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Administrative Regulations

07/21/2008 -- Public Meeting (Phoenix, AZ)

Topics: Laboratory Accreditation Manual, TGDC Charter, Draft Policy for Notice and Public Comment, Preparing for Election Day 2008--Contingency Planning

Participants: Williams Cowles (Orange Co., FL), Keith Cunningham (Allen Co., OH), Leslie Fugate (DASOS KY)

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt the Laboratory Accreditation Manual and to immediately implement its policies and procedures; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt the changes to the Technical Guidelines Development Committee Charter; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to amending Vermont Instructions on the NVRA form    

06/19/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Laboratory Accreditation Manual, Draft Election Management Guidelines Project, Guidance to States on Updates to State Plans, HAVA State Spending Report to Congress, LA and MI Requests for NVRA Form Changes

Votes: 3-1 (Carried) Motion to Table the Advisory 07-003-A on Maintenance of Effort (MOE); 4-0 Motion to Adopt the eight chapter of the Election Management Guidelines; 2-1-1 (Failed) Vote to end discussion on "Guidelines on Material Changes in State Plans"; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Post the Administrative Regulations to the Federal Register for a 60-day public comment; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Post the "Guidelines on Material Changes in State Plans" to the Federal Register for a 30-day public comment; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Maryland State-Specific instructions; 4-0 Motion to Post draft policy for "Notice and Public Comment" for 30 days for public comment

05/22/2008 -- Public Meeting and Hearing

Topics: Interim Report on Statewide Voter Registration Database Study, Voter Hotline Study, Requests from MI and LA to Revise NVRA Forms

Participants: Olene Walker (National Academies), Herbert Lin (NRCNA)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt the Voter Hotline Study; 4-0 (Carried) Motion of Adopt First-Time Voter Study Report

05/05/2008 -- Interdisciplinary Roundtable Discussion

Topics: VVSG and Timeline, Cost and Security, Federal, State and Local Efficiency, Risk Assessment

Participants: David Beirne (ETC), Tim Ryan (AEI-Brookings), Costis Toregas (GWU), Juan Gilbert (Auburn), Jim Dickson (AAPD), Keith Cunningham (Allen Co., OH), Pam Smith (VVF), Doug Lewis (EC), Carolyn Coggins (iBeta), Alec Yasinsac (FSU), John Gale (NE SOS)

04/30/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Briefing on State Plans, Request to Modify MI NVRA Form, IA Audit Findings Appeal

Participants: Ted Trimpa (BHFS LLC), Pam Bormann (IA OAS)

Votes: 2-2 (Failed) Motion to Table Advisory 07-003-A; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to request more information on the IA Audit Appeal and grant IA a 30-day period to respond 

04/25/2008 -- Election Official Roundtable Discussion

Topics: VVSG Stakeholders, Risk Assessement, Standards by Jurisdiction, OEVT value,

Participants: Russ Ragsdale (Colorado), Alice Miller (DC), Paull Miller (Washington), George Gilbert (North Carolina), Lowelle Finley (California), David Drury (Florida), Kathleen Kotula (Pennsylvania), Keith Cunningham (Ohio), Deb Seiler (California)

04/24/2008 -- Voting Advocate Roundtable Discussion

Topics: Risk Assessment, Efficient and Effective Certification Process, OEVT, VVSG Security and Usability

Participants: Rob Richie (FairVote), Rebecca Mercuri (Bradblog.com), John Washburn (Voters Unite), Lillie Coney (EPIC), Barbra Simons (Verified Voting), Zinelle October (NALEAO), Hillary Shelton (NAACP), Lawrence Norden (Brennan Center), Mark Skall (NIST), Brian Hancock (EAC), Bev Harris (BBV)

04/16/2008 -- Public Meeting (Minneapolis, MN)

Topics: First-time Voter Study Status Report, Voter Information Websites Report, 2008 Election Ballot Design

Participants: Meredith Imwalle (WCC), Vincent Keenan (Publius.org), John Gale (NESOS), Lance Gough (CBEC), John Lindback (OED), Dana Chisnell (UW), Kathy Dent (FLSASE)

Votes: 3-1 (Carried) Motion to adopt the policy regarding use of HAVA funds; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to table Modifying Advisory Opinion 07-003-A Regarding MOE (Section 254(a)(7)); 3-1 (Carried) Motion to refrain from enforcing the 07-003-A MOE until the EAC votes to adopt a policy on the MOE requirement of HAVA

03/27/2008 -- Usability and Accessibility Roundtable Discussion

Topics: New Research and Technology, Draft TGDC VSSG, Qualified Testers, Disabilities and Interfaces

Participants: Diane Cordry (MAT), Whitney Quesenbery (TGDC), Phillip Pearce (TGDC), Sharon Laskowski (NIST), Paul Herrnson (CAPC), Ted Selker (MIT/CalTech VP), Gregg Vanderheiden (UWM), Josephine Scott (Seascape), Jim Dickson (AAPD), Noel Runyan (PDS)

03/20/2008Public Meeting Denver, CO

Topics: Cost-Saving Practices for Election Management, UOCAVA Voters Study, Voter Hotline Study

Participants: Connie Schmidt (KS), Jill LaVine (Sacramento, CA), Scott Doyle (Colorado), Karin MacDonald (Q2 LLC), Bonnie Glaser (Q2 LLC)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Accept report from the voter hotline survey; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to approve the proposed policy with the amendments offered by Commissioner Hillman and accepted by the mover, Chair Rodgriguez.

03/19/2008 -- Voting System Test Laboratory Roundtable Discussion

Topics: VVSG Next Iteration, OEVT Feasibility, and VSTL Usability Benchmarks 

Participants: Carroly Coggins (iBeta), Jim Nilius (SysTest), Frank Padilla (Wyle), John Attala (InfoGard), John Crickenberger (NIST/NVLAP), Stephen Berger (EAC), Dawn Mehlhaff (EAC), Mark Skall (NIST), Merele King (Kennesaw State)

02/29/2008 -- Voting System Manufacturer Roundtable Discussion

Topics: 2007 VVSG and Certification Requirements for Manufacturers

Participants: Steve Pearson (ES&S), Bernie Hirsch (MicroVote), Kevin Chung (AVANTE), Larry Holmstrom (Truevote), Gary Olivi (AutoMark), Ed Smith (Sequoia), Talbot Iredale (Premier), Jim Alder (VoteHere), John Wack (NIST), Merle King (Kennesaw State)

02/07/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Free Absentee Ballot Postage Study, Spanish Glossary of Election Terminology,

Participants: Ernie Hawkins (Election Center), Mitch King (USPS), Lee Page (PVA)

Votes: 2-2 (Failed) Consideration and Vote on Interim Policy for Changes to Instructions on NMVR Form; 2-2 (Failed) Consideration and Vote on Disclaimer Proposal to State Instructions Portions of the NVRA Form

01/17/2008 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Commissioners' Reports on (1) TDGC and VVSG next iteration, (2) Board of Advisors and (3) Standards Board

Participants: Leslie Reynolds (NASS)

Votes: 2-2 (Failed) Adopting FEC policy for requesting changes to NVRA Form; 4-0 (Passed) Consideration and Vote on Disclaimer Proposal to State Instructions Portion of the NVRA Form; 3-1 (Carried) Consideration of EAC Organization Chart 




12/11/2007 -- Public Meeting (Austin, TX)

Topics: End of the Year Reports, 2006 Election Day Survey, EAC Policy on Voting System Reports, Internal Procedures for State Instructions on NVRA Form

Participants: Kim Brace (EDS)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt 2006 Election Administration and Voting Survey with changes; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to transfer NVRA regulations from the FEC to the EAC; 2-2 (Failed) Motion to change language of eligibility requirements on Rhode Island NVRA form; 2-2 (Failed) Motion to change mailing address on Colorado NVRA form; 2-2 (Failed) Motion to change registration deadline on Deleware NVRA form; 2-2 (Failed) Motion to change ID number on Arizona NVRA form  

11/13/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Report on Voter Registration Database Study, 2007 Draft VVSG and Future Timeline; Report on Laboratory Accreditation Manual, EAC Strategic Plan

Participants: Herbert Lin (NRCNA), David Beirne (ETC)

10/04/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: NVLAP Recommendation of Wyle Labs, Internal Procedures for State Instructions on NVRA Form, VVSG next iteration

Participants: Mark Skall (NIST), Jan Brewere (SOS AZ)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to accredit Wyle laboratories; 2-2 (Failed) Motion to adopt interim Internal Procedure for responding to State Requests to change the NVRA Form     

09/06/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Consideration of Advisory 07-003A regarding MOE, Briefings on Administrative Procedures and National Voter Registration Act (NVRA); Public speakers

Participants: Jeffrey Lubers (American University), Mia Leswing (Clifton Gunderson LLP), Myrna Perez (Brennan Center), Scott Novakowski (Demos), Nancy Tate (LWV), David Becker (PFAW)

Votes: 2-2 (Failed) Motion to find that Commission not require notice and comment on the posting for the transfer of action; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt FEC regulations on the NVRA, establish a CFR cite to obtain concurrence of the EAC and post notice for 30-day public comment

07/19/2007 -- Public Meeting (Charlotte, NC)

Topics: Briefings on "Successful Practices for Poll Worker Recruitment, Training and Retention" and "A Guidebook for Recruiting College Poll Workers" 

Participants: Jennifer Collins-Foley (PWI), Connie Schmidt (PWI), Susan Edman (EC Milwaukee), Abigail Horn (Cleveland State), Mary Therese "Terri" Hegarty (Grand Rapids, MI)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt "Successful Practices for Poll Worker Recruitment, Training and Retention"; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt "A Guidebook for Recruiting College Poll Workers"

06/14/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Briefing on Best Practices for Effective Designs in Election Administration

Participants: Elizabeth Hare (AIGA), Michael Konetzka (AIGA), Adam Carbullido (ESS), John Lindback (OR SOS)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt Best Practices on Ballot Design

05/17/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Reports from EAC Standards Board, Board of Advisors and TGDC

Participants: Christopher Thomas (Chair BOA), Peggy Nighswonger (Chair SB), William Jeffrey (Chair TGDC)

05/01/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Florida Request for Information on HAVA Funds, EAC Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Funding 

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt MOE 07-003-A  as revised by the General Counsel

04/18/2007 -- Public Meeting (Kansas City, KS)

Topics: Briefings on English-Spanish Election Glossary and EAC Management Guidelines

Participants: Brit Williams (EAC Consultant), Connie Schmidt (EAC Consultant)

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to adopt Glossary of Key Election Terminology in English to Spanish and Spanish to English

02/21/2007 -- Public Meeting (Atlanta, GA)

Topics: Certification of iBeta and SysTest Labs Systems, Consider Ending the Interim Certification Program

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to accredit SysTest and iBeta Laboratories under EAC VSTL accreditation program

02/08/2007 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Interim Lab Accreditation Program, Eagleton-Moritz Voter ID Research, EAC Audit Process and State Observations

Participants: David Alderman (NIST), Thomas O'Neil (Rutgers), Tim Vercellotti (Rutgers), Dan Glotzer (TX SOS Office), Marci Andino (SEC, SC)




12/07/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Report on TGDC, Fraud and Intimidation Report, Administrative Manual, EAC Certification Program, Panel on Assessing the 2006 Election: Election Officials, Organizations and Academics, and Election Technology

Participants: Deborah Markowitz (NASOS), Kevin Kennedy (NASED), R. Doug Lewis (Election Center), Elizabeth "Libby" Ensley (IACREOT), Mary Wilson (LWV), Jonah Goldman (Lawyers Committee), Mark "Thor" Hearne (ACVR), Dan Seligson (Electionline.org), John Groh (ITAA), William Jeffrey (NIST) 

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Election Crimes Report; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Administrative Manual; 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Voting System Testing and Certification Manual

10/26/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Resolution on National Election Worker Appreciation Week, EAC Voting System Testing and Certification Program Panels--EAC, NIST, Manufacturers, Test Labs, Election Officials, State Certification Specialist

Participants: Mary Saunders (NIST), Ian Piper (ETC), Frank Padilla (Wyle), Keith Wilson (Wyle), Brian Phillips (SysTest), Ann McGeehan (TX SOS), Sandy Steinbach (NASED), Alice Miller (DCBEE), Michael Shamos (Carnegie Mellon), Warren Stewart (VoteTrust USA)

Votes: 3-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Resolution 2006-01 to create a National Election Worker Appreciation Week"

09/21/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Voter Information Websites--Design and Research, Military and Overseas Voting 

Participants: Vince Keenan (Publius), Leslie Reynolds (NASS), Marci Andino (SC SEC), Lance Gough (BEC Chicago), Sharon Turner Buie (BEC Kansas City, MO), J. Scott Wiedmann (FVAP), Robert Carey (NDC), Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat (OVF), Betsy Byers (MO SOS), Pat Hollarn (Okaloosa Co., FL), Joni Ernst (Montgomery Co., IA)

07/13/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Approval of Interim Certification Process, Effective Ballot Design and Polling Place Signage

Participants: Elizabeth Hare (Design for Democracy), Paddy McGuire (OR SOS), Maria Matthews (FL DOS)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Interim Certification Process

06/15/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Developing the Mangement Guidelines Panel, Implementing HAVA (Voting Systems) Panel

Participants: Britain Williams (Kennesaw State), Connie Schmidt (ECS), Dana DeBeauvoir (Travis Co., TX)

05/22/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Ex Parte Communications Policy, Poll Worker Recruitment and Training Project Panel, College Poll Worker Experience Panel

Participants: Abigail Horne (Cleveland State), Jennifer Collins-Foley (PI), Kay Maxwell (LWV), Thomas Bride (Peroria Co., IL), John Willis (University of Baltimore)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Ex Parte Communications Policy

04/20/2006 -- Public Meeting (Seattle, WA)

Topics: Vote Counting and Recounting--Perspectives from the States, and Research  

Participants: Sam Reed (WA SOS), Rosanna Bencoach (VA SBE), Jill LaVine (Sacramento, CA), Thad Hall (University of Utah), Doug Chapin (Electionline.org)

03/14/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)--Perspectives from Voter Registration Agencies, Organizations and Election Officials

Participants: David Pierce (VA DMVA), Sarah Ball Johnson (KY SBE), Robert Saar (DuPage Co., IL), Brenda Wright (NVRI)

02/02/2006 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Voting System Certification Program--Implementing the Program, Perspectives on Application to the Program from New and Existing Systems, Perspectives from Other Ceritification Programs and EAC Stakeholders 

Participants: Sandy Steinbach (NASED), Stephen Berger (TEM), Wendy Noren (Boone Co., MO), John Groh (ETC)




12/13/2005 -- Public Meeting

Topics: 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG), Title II Requirements Payments Update, EAC FY2006 Appropriation

Participants: Merle King (Kennesaw State), John Wack (NIST)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt 2005 VVSG

10/25/2005 -- Public Meeting

Topics: 2005 VVSG Update, Title II Requirements Payments Update, Timely Return of Voter Registration Applications

Participants: Susan Parnas Fredrick (NCSL), Holli Holliday (Project Vote), Adam Lioz (New Voters Project), Earnest "Ernie" Roberson (Caddo Parish, LA)

09/27/2005 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Title II Requirements Payment Update, Public Comments Received about the VVSG, EAC Research, Election Day Survey Report 

Participants: Kim Brace (EDS), Leslie Reynolds (NASS)

08/23/2005 -- Public Meeting and Hearing (Denver, CO)

Topics: Presentations on Voting System Certification Laboratory Accreditation Process, VVSG Public Comments, VVSG Presentations from Election Officials and Interest Groups and Accessibility Specialists

Participants:  Stephen Berger (TEM), Art Wall (TEM), Bob Terwilliger (Snohomish Co., WA), Lance Gough (CBOE), Russ Ragsdale (Broomfield Co.), Lillie Coney (EPIC), John Lott (AEI), Lee Page (PVA), Diane Golden (MATC), Johnnie McLean (NC SBE), Jill LeVine (Sacramento, CA)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt the Process for Accrediting Testing Labs and Certifying Voting Systems

07/28/2005 -- Public Meeting and Hearing (Pasedena, CA) 

Topics: Voter Registration List Guidance and Voter Identification Provisions, Continuing VVSG comments

06/30/2005 -- Public Meeting and Hearing (New York, NY)

Topics: 2005 VVSG Proposal, VVPAT, and Public Comments

Participants: Joe Hazeltine (Wyle), Carolyn Coggins (SysTest), John Groh (ES&S), Jim Alder (Vote Here), Alfie Charles (Sequoia), Dennis Vadura (AccuPoll), Peter Kosinski (New York), Harvard Lomax (Clark Co., NV), Jim Dickson (AAPD), Aviel Rubin (John Hopkins)

05/24/2005 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Effective Date for Grandfather Provisions, Title II Requirements Payments, California Audit Update, Executive Director Search Update, VVSG Update

Participants: Kim Brace (EDS), Al Alter (LA SOS), Michael Kerr (ITAA), Joe Hazeltine (Wyle)

04/26/2005 -- Public Meeting (Boston, MA)

Topics: Voluntary Guidelines, Presentations from Users or Benefactors of the Voluntary Guidelines

Participants: Hratch Semerjian (NIST), Carol Paquette, Michael Sciortino (Mahoning Co.), John Lindback (OR SOS), Matthew Brown (RI SOS), Wendy Weiser (Brennan Center), Michael Gallagher (NJ SVRS), Doug Sanderson (Oklahoma City, OK), Michelle Tassinari (MA ED)

03/22/2005 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Title II Requirements Payments Update, Election Day Survey Analysis Update, EAC Role as Election Clearinghouse

Participants: Mark Skall (NIST), Kim Brace (EDS), Pedro Cortés (PA Secretary), Tony Sirvello (IACEROT), Edward Hailes (Advancement Project)

02/23/2005 -- Public Meeting and Hearing (Columbus, OH)

Topics: Title II Requirements Payments Update, Laboratory Accreditation and Voting System Transitions, Provisional Voting Presentations--Election Officials, Academics and Non-Profits 

Participants: Mary Saunders (NIST), Glenda Hood (FL SOS), Rebecca Vigil-Giron (NM SOS), J. Kenneth Blackwell (OH SOS), Michael Vu (Cuyahoga Co., OH), Cherie Poucher (Wade Co., NC), Dan Tokaji (Moritz Law, OSU), Edward Foley (Moritz Law, OSU), John Lott (AEI), Kay Maxwell (LWV), John Fund (WSJ), Miles Rapoport (Demos) 

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Create Comprehensive Transition Plan for Laboratory Accreditation and Voting System Certification Programs

01/27/2005 -- Public Meeting

Topics: State Reports on HAVA Expenditures, Single Audits, Special California Audit

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Accept the Special Audit Provisions; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Initiate a Special Audit in California




12/14/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Title II Requirements Payments Update, Budget Update, 2005 HAVA Implementation Action Plan

Participants: Marci Andino (SC SEC), Bob Rauf (NC SBE), Sarah Ball Johnson (KY SBE), Christopher Thomas (MI BOE)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt 2005 HAVA Implementation Plan; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Policy to Establish December Meetings for Reorganization and Installing New Officers; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Nominate Vice-Chair Gracia Hillman for 2005 Chairperson; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Nominate Paul DeGregorio as Vice-Chair for 2005

11/23/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Title II Requirements Payments; Court Case Update; Results from the HAVA College Poll Worker Program; Election Day Data Collection Update

10/26/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Election Day Procedures, November 2nd Election Preparedness, November Election Day Research Project, Title II Requirements Payments, HAVA College Program, Poll Worker Initiativ

Participants: John Tanner (DOJ), George Foresman (VA Gov't)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Resolution 2004-03: National Election Worker Appreciation Week

09/30/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Update from 9/22/04 TGDC Meeting, Title II Requirements Payments Update, HAVA College Program Update, Provisional Voting Panels 

Participants: Lindsay Daniels (NCLR), Tanya Clay (PFAW), Terry Jarrett (MO SOS), Jean Jensen (VA SOS), Todd Rokita (IN SOS)

09/13/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Title II Requirements Payments Update, Military and Overseas Voters Best Practice Report, HAVA College Program Update, Preliminary Assessment for Election Day Study, National Voter Registration Week Kickoff Resolution

Participants:  Nancy Tate (LWV), Terri Thomson (Citigroup), Rebecca Vigil-Giron (NM SOS), Barbara Jackson (Baltimore City. MD), Rose MarcAntonio (Savannah, GA), Johnny Valdez (College Poll Worker)

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt NASS Voter Registration Week Program

08/10/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics: Title 2 Requirements Payments, Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), November Election Research Project, National Pollworker Initiative, Best Practices Toolkit

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt Statement of Policy Regarding National Mail Voter Registration Form

07/13/2004 -- Public Meeting

Topics:  Approach to Election Fraud,  National Software Reference Library, Title 2 Requirements Payments, Report on May 5, 2004 Public Hearing, Standards Board and Board of Advisors and TGDC, College Program

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Recommend that EAC Request GSA to distribute as a grant $198,820 to the National Student Parent Mock Election Organization; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Adopt HAVA Tool Kit

06/03/2004 -- Public Hearing (Chicago, IL)

Topics: Best Practices Used in Elections--Punch Cards, Lever Machine, Optical Scan and Provisional Voting

Participants: Eric Fischer (CRS), Doug Lewis (Election Center), Lance Gough (Chicago, IL), Sharon Turner-Buie (Kansas City, MO), Amy Naccarato (Utah), Mary Kiffmeyer (MN SOS), Ion Sancho (Leon County, FL), Michael Clingman (OK SBE), Paddy McGuire (OR SOS), David Orr (Cook Co, IL), Sandy Steinbach (Iowa), Kelly Anthony (MO DVP), Maria Valdez (MALDEF), Alice Tregay (Rainbow/Push Coalition)

05/05/2004 -- Public Hearing

Topics: Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Voting--Technology, Vendor, Administrators, Research and Human Interaction Factors, Advocacy Organization

Participants: Kim Brace (EDS), Avi Rubin (Johns Hopkins), Stephen Berger (IEEE), Ted Selker (MIT), Brit Williams (Kennesaw State), Neil McClure (Hart Intercivic), Mark Radke (Diebold), Kevin Chung (Avante), William Welsh (ES&S), Alfie Charles (Sequoia), Kevin Shelley (CA SOS), Kathy Rogers (GA SOS), Conny McCormack (Los Angeles Co., CA), Denise Lamb (New Mexico), Sharon Laskowski (NIST), Dana DeBeauvoir (Austin, TX), Alice Miller (DC BEE), Jim Dickson (AAPD), Kay Maxwell (LWV), Angela Arboleda (NCLR), Melanie Campbell (NCBCP), Chellie Pingree (Common Cause)

03/23/2004 -- Public Meeting 

Topics: Status Reports--State HAVA Plans, Board of Advisors, Standards Board, TGDC

Votes: 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Nominate Commissioner Soaries as Chairperson; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Nominate Commissioner Hillman as Vice-Chair; 4-0 (Carried) Motion to Hold a Public Hearing on Voting Systems within the Next 45 Days 

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