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Watch the Election Data Summit Talks!

EAC hosted a two day summit to discuss how good data can help elections run better. You can watch the full length webcasts for both days and the individual "Summit Talk" segments

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EAC Releases Comprehensive Data on Voting in the United States

EAC has released a report with the most comprehensive set of data regarding election administration across the United States


Webcast on Accessible Voting

Commissioners commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and explore ways to make voting more accessible for individuals with disabilities


Work Begins on New Voting Standards

EAC’s technical committee discussed work on the next generation of standards used to test America’s voting systems. This follows commission approval of revisions to the decade-old voluntary voting system guidelines (VVSG) on March 31


EAC Updates Federal Voting System Guidelines March 31, 2015

Watch the Webcast! Commissioners approved updates to the standards used to test America’s voting systems at the March 31 public meeting.


Voting Systems Under Test

EAC’s voting system certification program eliminates duplicative testing and saves election officials time and resources. This is the first time the federal government has offered these services to the states.


Commissioners Select Officers & Accredit Voting System Test Lab

EAC Commissioners selected officers and voted to accredit a third voting system test laboratory under EAC's lab accreditation program at the Feb 24 public meeting.

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New Quick Tips Guides

11 New Quick Starts Guides: Managing the Voting Process; Effective Poll Workers; Voter Education; Election Data; UOCAVA Voters; Alternative Voting Methods; Poll Watchers; Contingency Planning; Provisional Ballots; Election Audits; Managing Change


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Contact Your State

contactstateAccess state election Web sites, which include voter guides, registration information and deadlines, absentee and early voting dates, provisional voting information and polling place hours and locations. Contact Your State.  


Election Official Exchange

The Exchange is a network that helps election officials connect and share best practices and knowledge. Sign up or explore the database of practitioners ready to serve as a friendly sounding board for your ideas, big or small. Together we can build a community resource that will save us time and make us more effective. Participation is limited to current and former U.S. election officials, but the content is available to the general public. Enter the Exchange.  


Have You Moved Recently?

Learn what steps you should take to ensure your voter registration is current for the next federal election. EAC's frequently asked questions on voter registration and moving cover a variety of circumstances, from recently relocated college students to those moving due to a foreclosure. Read more

The EAC Clearinghouse

The EAC Web site is a national clearinghouse of information on election administration, from voting system testing and certification to data on how Americans voted in recent federal elections. Find information through the navigation bar or our new search tool.

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Share your feedback on EAC policy proposalsElection Resource Library materials, and OpenEAC activities. Give feedback on general issues, including the Web site, through our Contact Us page.

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Learn more about EAC's Voting System Testing and Certification Program by watching this video.

Voting Accessibility

EAC's accessibility research and development on transformative technologies and approaches helps states make voting more accessible to people with disabilities. EAC's voting materials in 11 languages help election officials provide translated voting materials at a lower cost. Learn more

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EAC Election Data Summit EAC hosted a two day election data summit to discuss how good data can help elections run ...

Election Resource Library

Access hundreds of commonly requested EAC reports and resources, from Election Management Guidelines to data on voter turnout, registration, and military and overseas voters.

Public Meeting Webcasts

Watch live and on-demand webcasts of EAC public meetings.

Military and Overseas Voters

EAC has several projects under way to assist states in serving military and overseas citizens who register and vote absentee under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Learn more

Voter Tips

votingtipsBefore the next election, be familiar with the voting process in your State. The following tips from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission may help enhance your voting experience. See Voting Tips


Voting Systems Map

systemmapthumbEAC's map of voting systems shows which jurisdictions are using EAC-certified systems. View the map

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