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Posted By Bryan Whitener on October 28, 2015

In elections, you can’t afford to miss one at-bat. There is no time out.

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on July 07, 2015

Last Wednesday, July 1st, as America prepared to celebrate her birthday the EAC released an explosion of data in the form of its Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS). EAVS represents the most comprehensive set of election data available anywhere.   

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on June 17, 2015

Recently I had the honor of traveling to Colorado and Washington to talk to their respective election official organizations.  At both stops I spoke about the desire among election officials to modernize the voting process and the implications of meeting this desire.

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on April 01, 2015

Recently I attended the New Jersey Association of Election Official’s (NJAEO) conference.  It was a fantastic conference focused on technology, policy and how the intersection of the two can help to make the voting process more available to the voters of New Jersey. 

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on October 31, 2014

EAC has ten new Quick Start Guides with easy-to-read tips and ideas collected from election officials to better manage the elections process 

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Posted By Bryan Whitener on October 30, 2014

EAC has two new Quick Start Guides with tips on how to better serve UOCAVA voters and to better manage alternative voting methods. 

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